The Journey

Hello. My name is Mari. Welcome to my Food Truck Website- Aijo Kitchen ("Aijo" means Love and Passion/Compassion in Japanese). The story behind this food truck is simple. It signifies my love for food and passion for cooking. I was blessed enough to be born and raised in two beautiful Asian countries, Japan and the Philippines. Eating was my first love, and I have found my love for cooking later in life. I worked at few restaurants working front and back of house and fell in love with the industry. When COVID hit, I took the time to enroll myself in Culinary School, and graduated with Honors. I've met some amazing Chefs, Mentors and Colleagues along the way who inspired me to do my own thing.  So here it is! My menu is based on dishes that I grew up eating and enjoyed throughout the years.  I also so felt that there is a lack of Japanese comfort food in the area so I thought I would add my little twist to it. I hope you enjoy every dish and know that every dish is made with love and passion.

*If you enjoy homecooked meals that are easy to reheat and delivered right to your door, please go to and search for Shef Mari.